PAMA s.r.l.
PAMA s.r.l.

Italy's top cured meats and cheeses since 1982.


PAMA select, produce and mature products from the best suppliers, subjecting them to its Quality Control. Only those approved earn the way of the market. With a modern and punctual sales network, PAMA is placed on the market as one of the partners of the most reliable in the industry for professionalism, logistics, quality assurance and service.

The most popular delicatessen meats and cheeses appreciated all over the world, from the restaurants and homes tables.




We were born in 1982 in Turin, in the heart of Piedmont, as distributors of high quality meats and cheeses. Since then the product range has expanded considerably, but the respect for tradition and for the quality chain remained our award points. We are a company with a traditional spirit that can offer quality products and utmost sophistication. PAMA has its products made and cured by the best suppliers and after a strict quality control they may be approved and distributed on the market.


All PAMA products are branded with its own brand, in order to personalize and gain a strong presence in retail stores. The range of PAMA products derives from a high standard selection of core ingredients, resulting in prestigious products such as Parma ham, Parmigiano Reggiano and other widely used products consumed on a daily bases, up to regional niche products which are the result of ongoing research to bring back flavours once forgotten. PAMA offers the most complete selection of cured meats e cheeses, in order to satisfy even the most demanding connoisseur.