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Stravecchio GranPiemunt PAMAŽ

Code: 9574 - Line: Hard Cheeses


Long-aged, hard-cooked and aged cheese with natural golden yellow rind. Made with only Piemontese raw milk. Gran Piemunt Stravecchio Pama comes from the daily processing in copper tanks at a temperature of 55 ° C, to obtain, after a long seasoning, a fragrant cheese with a characteristic granular structure and a strong taste.





Production Area: Piemonte (Italy)

Ingredients: Milk Vaccine of Piedmont raw, partially skimmed, salt, rennet, preservative: E1105 Lysozyme (from egg).

Notes: Whole rounds approximately 36 kg. The product is available vacuum-cut from about Kg. 4.5 or from about 1 Kg.
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