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Gran Cru and Gran Coit

Welcome to the family!

Finally, two cured meats are also part of the Gran Piemunt family, until now composed only of exclusively Piedmontese cheeses and milk-based products: the Gran Cöit and the Gran Crü.

Obviously also in this case the "selection at the entrance", as for all our Gran Piemunt products, was very strict: after a careful selection and study of which product could be right for us, we chose two true excellences.

Gran Coit is a cooked ham produced using pork legs from Piedmontese farms.

It has a balanced taste, excellent softness when chewing and good olfactory persistence. The product comes in different shades of pink through which it is possible to distinguish the four muscle groups. The fat layer helps spread the flavoring.

The Gran Cru, on the other hand, is a raw ham obtained from the legs of pigs born, raised and slaughtered in Piedmont. For seasoning, however, the legs are taken to Friuli Venezia Giulia where sea salt is used as the only ingredient.

Here they remain for at least 18 months and this gives the product the typical sweetness of the seasonings in these places and an authentic and naturally good taste. 

These two products are destined to be the absolute protagonists of exceptional and irresistible platters.

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